Ketosis Done Right: Why you Need to Try Jump Start

Keto diets are in the news but 99% of them are incorrect. They focus on starvation or the wrong foods; they show you low-carb meal plans but miss the science on knowing the type of carbs to eat to help reset cellular health or to boost immune health. Some programs have you drink a salty drink and promise ketosis while eating anything you want.

If you want true cellular detox and the ability to get off of the crazy amount of sugar that is in our diet, you need to follow the right program to help you achieve your goals.

The Jump Natural™ Jump Start program is the most comprehensive and easy program, designed to save you money and time, and allow you to eat the foods you love with delicious, easy-to-make meals.

The Jump Start program can help you detox your body at the cellular level and help you get results fast.


Why is Jump Start the Most Comprehensive Keto Diet?

Jump Start is not a simple “1 product does all” fake promise. It is a complete system that provides protein, fiber, veggie and fruit nutrients, with added support to boost mood, fight cravings, and burn more fat. With 3 kits to fit any budget, you can see results FAST. Here’s the results our customers have been seeing so far:

Follow the program for 2 weeks to jump start your results. Continue for another 2 weeks for added cellular benefits. Then, simply go on the normal Jump Natural™ meal plan to lose a healthy 1-2 pounds a week or to help maintain your shape.


What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural process that your body does when it is in starvation. In starvation, your liver will create ketones that help your body take stored fat and burn it for energy. Starvation is not a fun way to lose weight and though you burn fat, you can also mess up your metabolism.

The Jump Start diet can help your body create more ketones with the support of Jump Natural™ products.


Is Fat Healthy?

Yes. Fat can be healthy. The myth of fat being bad for our hearts began with the change in the food pyramid in the late 1980’s. This plan removed the healthy food circle that had been in place for 40 years, emphasizing more carbohydrates and less fat. This resulted in food companies adding more sugar to foods – when you remove fat, you remove flavor – to make up for it.

As a result we went from eating about 26 pounds of sugar per person per year to over 150 pounds per person in 2017. With this, we have seen an increase in obesity, diabetes, and many other health concerns. Sugar is harming us. Fat has not been shown to be harmful yet the myth lives on.

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History of the Diet and Health Benefits

• The Ketogenic diet has been around for almost 100 years. As early as the 1900’s it was used to treat epilepsy in children. The diet decreased in popularity when anti-convulsant medications were created. It is still used today in many medical practices for a variety of medical conditions in children and aging/elderly patients.

• The diet has recently come back in popularity due to studies that show it may help fight serious diseases that feed on sugars and carbs. It has been shown to help support brain health and potentially may be used as nutritional therapy for memory challenges.

• In addition to helping support the body fend off health challenges, it has been shown to be good for endurance athletes. Short bursts of exercise use our body’s carbs; after about 20 minutes (think marathon runners) we need more fat for endurance exercise. Post-warm up, the body naturally turns to fat for more energy during exercise.

Some studies show it may improve cholesterol levels, support a healthy heart, and help fight blood pressure and heart disease.

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Customer Testimonials  

“Wow. I’ve been on the Jump Start diet for just a week and I’ve already lost 11 pounds!” –Traci Capps

“I have struggled with losing weight in the past and wanted something that was fast to help get me motivated. Jump Start is just that! In 1 Week, I lost 6.2 pounds and 19 inches! On the 2nd week, I lost 2 more pounds and 5 more inches. But the results are greater than that. I am losing fat and working out at the gym, gaining muscle like never before. This is amazing!” –Susan Whitney

“It’s crazy what we get to eat while losing weight. In my 2 weeks on Jump Start, I am not hungry, I am not craving any sweets, my energy is through the roof, and the inches are dropping off. I am in a pair of shorts that did not fit me 2 weeks ago and my shirts are baggier.” –Matt Monahan

“As a busy mom of 5, I love the simplicity of the Jump Start program. I can feed my kids hot dogs and eat it with them without feeling guilty. I’ve lost inches, stopped craving sweets, and I am feeling energized. I love this program!” –Christine Simonsen

“The Jump Start program works. I feel energized and have no hunger. I feel great! I’m seeing results fast and it motivates me to do more.” –Faith Clarke Simms


Want to Learn More?

Enroll to Jump Natural with on one of our exclusive Keto Convenience Kits to save money. With your Keto Kit you will get a complete Jump Start program guide and meal plan complete with information when to take the Jump Natural products, Keto recipes to follow, and tips to help you get started living healthier.

There is also a Transition meal plan and our normal Jump Natural™ meal plan to help you reach your goals and get your body adjusted to a non-keto diet once Jump Start ends.

We have a Jump Natural™ team page where you can join others living the keto lifestyle, sharing recipes, and results to help keep you motivated and engaged with our diet. You can even join our 12-week challenge to earn free t shirts, hats, Jump Natural™ products, and up to $500 in cash just for entering and losing weight. Your health is important, so take the jump to Jump Natural™ and see results fast.

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